Know where your Construction tracking management software

Field Construction are often constrained with tight deadlines and expectations to increase productivity. However, the complexity of data and the absence of required information at the right time makes it challenging for them to deliver desirable results. The simplest way to increase productivity with given timelines and resources is through optimal management of resources with the help of a robust workflow. This requires the workforces to assimilate all the available data, such as the location of assets, their condition, quality, output, etc., and plan the workflow effectively to scale up their efficiency. The new-age solution for this is a Construction tracking management software such as FieldOn.

What is Construction tracking management software?

A Field Workforce Asset Management is a tool that helps enterprises maintain seamless asset registry and monitor the resources easily via spreadsheet management and field form submissions. It enables you to automate the asset management process completely and share the collected data with other enterprise systems. It also serves as a real-time analytics tool for field assets and helps dynamic performance tracking of the resources.

Benefits of Field Construction Asset Management

Let’s understand how field workforce asset management software assists in process automation.

End-to-End Asset Registry

It enables the engineers to maintain an end-to-end registry of the field personnel and assets. With a complete and timely updated record of all the details of the on-field assets and workforce, such as their location, condition, quantity, etc., the operations team can keep a constant check on the availability of the resources and mitigate the risk of shortages by replenishing them in due time.

Proper Resource Planning

A robust software helps the on-field team to plan the usage of the resources effectively. Providing data points relating to the number of assets and their condition and output-generating capacity enables them to use the assets optimally. In the long run, a calculated resource planning helps an enterprise enhance its profits and plan effectively for its expansion and growth.

Geographic Information System

A Geographic Information System (GIS) helps managers and engineers pinpoint the exact location of the field workforce and assets. The technology can also be paired up with mobile devices to track the assets. In case of on-site mishappenings, the availability of exact coordinates helps the operations team to send the technicians to the location of the incident promptly and provide a resolution without any delay.

Back Office Integration

It lets managers integrate the asset management process with their back office and other enterprise systems. This helps them keep everyone involved by sharing a common platform to avoid ambiguity and communication blockages. Proper coordination and transparency across all teams help them manage the assets more efficiently and update their status instantly on all shared platforms.

Real-Time Analytics

It serves as a real-time analytics tool and provides the on-field team with details related to different performance metrics. This enables the managers to keep the workflow functional dynamically and make changes to it as and when required. It also provides the engineers with insights relating to the efficiency of the asset, thereby allowing them to bring architectural changes to the design and functionalities accordingly.

Focused Approach

The ultimate use of an automated workforce management process is to keep track of field workforce assets and help employees better focus on their primary task. Since a manual record can be time-consuming, it might refrain the concerned team from dedicating most of their efforts and time to the task at hand. An automated process will minimise manual efforts and will thereby help in increasing efficiency and productivity.

Take Away

To have efficient knowledge of the location and the condition of your field workforce and assets undoubtedly leads to their seamless management and increased operational efficiency. It also helps you better manage their working conditions by providing real-time analytics related to their functioning. Usage of a robust workforce management system built with powerful tools, such as FieldOn, contributes towards the growth and expansion of an enterprise in the long run.

About FieldOn

FieldOn is a product of Magikminds which make digital data collection and analysis simple & streamlined with built-in integration services that will automate processes and push data to other enterprise systems. Build smart forms that enhance work allocation, supervision, and efficiency. Advanced data fields & GIS support systems make FieldOn accessible to varied industries. From your field workers to top-level managers, keep your workforce connected with seamless data collection & integration.