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Our Features - FieldOn

Our Features

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Photo Capture

Easily capture explicate image data with any smart device. Real-time accessing and storing of data is a cake walk with photo capture.

GPS & Bar Code

Supervisors can control the field from multiple locations with user tracking and real time data . Scan QR and barcodes from your device into the forms.

Digital Signature

Expedite client approvals, sign contracts and agreements on time.

Notify your team once work is completed and send work order copy on-the-fly.

Time Stamps

Use timestamp features to show ehen work was performed, how long it took and when it was completed. Get all the history you need to manage assets and report time and work accurately.

Flexible Dashboards

Customise your forms to suit your business type using our administrative dashboards. Export, evaluate and review collected data and make timely, informed decisions.

Multiple User Facility

Enable your users to access data across departments with admins and sub-admins. Empower users to create and customise their forms and improve functionality with user-groups for different departments.

Design Custom Forms

Create forms from scratch according to your needs or use standard templates designed for diverse business types. Launch and assign tasks using our forms, in real-time.

Built-in Services Integration

Enhance, data storage, security and authorisation by integrating your forms with any existing system, like, SAP, Oracle, CIS etc.Automate processes and integrate collected information with any system.

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